Is a car making a left-hand turn always at fault?

No case is ever set in stone, so it’s impossible to say whether any action will make a driver “always” at fault. 

Liability in an accident is dependent on a number of variables that can influence the outcome of many different types of claims, whether you’re at fault or no fault. A car accident claim involving a left-hand turn is no different. For more specific information about your accident claim, speak with an Austin car crash attorney who can help.

In most cases, the driver of the vehicle turning left will be held liable for the accident. This is because a car that crosses over a different traffic pattern is obliged to yield to vehicles moving within that pattern. 

If you are at an intersection and wish to turn left, you are required by law to give the right of way to oncoming cars, so if you are in an accident after turning left, the presumption is that you were not paying attention to oncoming traffic or did not exercise due caution. 

There are some exceptions to this standard. For instance, if you had a green arrow and were hit by an oncoming car, the fault would be theirs. 

Similarly, if a car struck you from behind and forced you into traffic, whereby you experienced a collision with a separate car, the car that hit you would be liable for both collisions. If you’ve experienced an accident in Austin, a car crash attorney who has handled both fault and no-fault accident claims can help you. 

Contacting an Austin Car Crash Attorney

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