3 Umbilical Cord Complications That May Lead to Birth Injury Claim in Texas

Umbilical cord complications can be extremely dangerous, leading to serious injuries or even death. If your child suffered a birth injury in Texas caused by medical negligence, compensation could be available. You should meet with a lawyer in Austin who has experience with birth injury cases.  

3 Common Umbilical Cord Complications Causing Birth Injury in Texas

These 3 complications may cause a birth injury in Texas: 

  • Umbilical Cord Compression – the cord wraps around the baby’s neck or body, or is otherwise compressed, which causes a reduction in oxygen to the brain or decreases the baby’s heart rate; 
  • Umbilical Cord Prolapse – the cord slips into the vagina once the water breaks and before the baby comes through the birth canal, which can put pressure on the umbilical cord; and 
  • Vasa Previa - 1 or more blood vessels from the umbilical cord cross the cervix and go underneath the baby. The vessels can tear, leading to life-threatening bleeding or compression.  

Umbilical cord complications may not always be prevented, but careful monitoring should cause them to be detected. Failure to do so could lead to doctors, nurses or other medical personnel being held liable. You should speak to a child injury lawyer in Austin, Texas immediately if your child suffered serious or fatal injuries as a result of umbilical cord compression.

Contacting a Child Injury Lawyer in Austin, Texas

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