5 Children’s Hospitals in Austin: A Parent’s Resource

Often in cases of child injury, what may seem like a minor incident could turn out to be far more serious. Many parents know that it's better to play it safe, particularly when it comes to issues like head injuries and the like. When a child injury occurs, time is of the essence and emergency care may be necessary. With that in mind, we've provided resources on where to seek child injury care in Austin.

5 Children's Hospitals in Austin

Here is a list of 5 local hospitals for children in Austin:


  • Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas (1201 W. 38th St.);
  • Texas Children's Hospital (823 Congress Ave. Suite 1500);
  • Iris A Ramos Lcfw (3724 Jefferson St.);
  • P and H Services (1509 Old W. 38th St.); and
  • Weingarten Jordan S MD PA (1305 W. 34th St. Suite 400).

These 5 hospitals in Austin can assist you when you need a helping hand for your child's injuries. Remember, when a child injury occurs, you should be cautious of your child's activities and watch for signs that may indicate the injury is worse than what you expected. You can always have the freedom of seeing a doctor if you are unsure of the damage that might have occurred.

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