Filing an injury claim in Texas? Know These 3 Things about Insurance Adjusters

There is so much to sift through and understand after a car accident. Your personal injury protection in Texas can impact what is covered and not covered. Determining who was at fault will factor into how much you recover, and with so many other complexities of an injury claim in Texas, it is best to seek help from an Austin injury attorney

In addition, you will deal with the insurance company. You should know what to expect when it comes to talking to an insurance adjuster after your accident.

3 Must-Knows about Insurance Adjusters 

You can protect your injury claim in Texas by knowing these 3 things about insurance adjusters: 

  • most initial offers for Austin car accident insurance settlements are too low; 
  • adjusters will try to get you to settle quickly, hoping you don’t realize the full value of your claim; and  
  • what you say can be used to minimize or deny your claim. 

Insurance adjusters are looking out for the best interest of the insurance company, not you as the victim. Don’t agree to anything, written or oral, before contacting an attorney.

Before you decide to give an insurance adjuster a recorded statement, you should speak to an Austin injury attorney. He or she will advise you of the best way to protect your rights and your injury claim in Texas. 

Contacting an Austin Injury Attorney

Before you take the important step of hiring an attorney, educate yourself about what you can expect from a Texas injury case. Order this free guide for Texas accident victims and learn:  

  • What to ask a lawyer before hiring him or her to take your case.
  • The most common reasons a Texas personal injury claim will fail.
  • What you can do to protect your injury claim. 

Not every accident case requires the help of an attorney and we can help you to determine whether yours is one of those cases! If you are ready to get started with your case, we urge you to contact us today for a FREE case evaluation – 1-512-472-7799.

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