As the summer winds down, many families head to an amusement park, theme park, or water park for some last-minute fun before school starts and the weather turns cool. Theme parks are a great way to spend quality family time. However, these parks can be crowded and parents often worry about losing their child at the park. Follow these tips to keep your kids safe, minimize the chance of being separated, and to make reuniting easier if your child does get lost.

Before You Go

  • Find a recent picture of your child to take with you. If your child is lost, you will have a picture to give to the park staff. This can help them find and identify your child more quickly.
  • Pin a small piece of paper in your child’s pocket. This paper should contain your child’s name, your name, phone number, and address—or the name of the place where you are staying. This will help park officials reunite you with your child if you are separated.
  • Remind your child of stranger danger—she should never go anywhere with someone who approaches her at the park. However, make sure she knows it is safe to ask a uniformed staff member (ride operator, food service worker, or custodial worker) for help if she gets lost.

At the Park

  • Note what your child is wearing so that you can describe her fully to park officials if necessary.
  • Choose a landmark (such as the carousel), and tell your child to meet you there if she is separated from your group.
  • Accompany your child to food stands and the restroom to ensure that you stay together.
  • Show your child various uniformed staff members—ride operators, food service staff, and custodial staff. Instruct her to find a uniformed staff member and ask for help if she cannot find the landmark you agreed upon previously.

Losing your child at an amusement park can be frightening. However, if you spend a little time talking to your child about amusement park safety and what to do if you are separated, everyone will be able to relax and enjoy some quality family time at the park.

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