Summer is winding down, and the kids will be back in school soon. This means that adult drivers should once again commit themselves to driving safely in and around school zones and bus stops.

Most school bus accidents occur in the “danger zone”—the area approximately 10 feet from all sides of the school bus. Children are often hit in this zone either by the bus or by motorists illegally passing the school bus. Adults can do a great deal to prevent school bus accidents by following all of the school bus driving rules and teaching their kids about school bus safety.

While driving, keep the following six rules in mind:

  1. Obey all traffic and speed limit signs.
  2. Look carefully before you back out of your garage or driveway—there may be children riding their bikes or walking to school.
  3. Watch for young pedestrians when driving in a neighborhood or near a school zone. Be especially careful in areas where there are no sidewalks.
  4. Watch for children who are approaching the bus stop late. They may be focused on making it to the bus instead of the traffic around them.
  5. Watch for kids gathered or playing at the bus stop. They may dart into traffic without warning. 
  6. Stop when the red lights on a bus are flashing. Flashing red means that kids are getting on or off the bus. You can go when the bus driver turns the lights off, the bus moves, or the driver signals that it is ok to proceed.

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