News for Texas Parents: Baby Crib Recall Leads to New Safety Rules

Since late June, safer cribs have been on the market, and drop-side cribs have been banned. The faulty design of drop-side cribs led to more than one baby crib recall because of entrapment risks that caused suffocations and strangulations. If your baby has been victimized by a dangerous or defective product in Texas, you should explore your legal options with an attorney who handles Texas product liability law cases. 

In December 2010, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) implemented new crib standards. Some rules include: 

  • banning the manufacture and sale of drop-side cribs;
  • strengthening crib slats and mattress supports;
  • making more durable hardware; and
  • conducting more rigorous safety testing.  

Beginning December 28, 2012, daycare centers, Head Start centers, hotels and rental companies will be required to comply with the CPSC's new crib standards.

Child Product Recalls: Defective Cribs

Since 2007, baby crib recall figures topped 11 million; since 2000, at least 32 strangulation and suffocation deaths were linked to drop-side cribs. More deaths were linked to faulty hardware.

It would be a good idea to watch for future child product recalls. If you believe you have a legitimate case of negligence because of a defective product, a Texas product liability law attorney will review your case and, if appropriate, help you take steps toward seeking compensation for your child's injuries.

Contacting a Texas Product Liability Law Attorney

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