Prevent a Rear-End Collision With These Simple Driving Tips

As a Georgetown car accident lawyer, I regularly work with clients who have been seriously injured in rear-end collisions. Unfortunately, rear-end collisions are quite common in the United States. According to the most recent figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), these collisions account for 28 percent of all crashes. 

The good news is that many rear-end accidents are preventable. The following are some strategies to avoid being rear-ended by another driver: 

  • Keep your rear brake and tail lights clean and in good repair so that other drivers can easily see them.
  • Allow more space between yourself and the car in front of you to ensure that you do not have to make a sudden stop.
  • Keep your foot on the brake pedal when you are stopped to make it easier for other drivers to see that you are not moving.
  • Communicate your intentions to other drivers by signaling in plenty of time and tapping your brake lights when you plan to stop.
  • Brake smoothly when you want to stop instead of riding the brakes for a long distance. If you are always braking, the driver behind you may ignore your signal when you really intend to stop.
  • Keep pace with traffic so that other drivers do not react with aggression and follow you too closely.
  • Check your rearview mirror often to see how closely you are being followed. If another driver is tailgating you, change lanes as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • Change lanes carefully by looking to make sure the lane next to you is clear and speeding up enough to ensure you do not cut off another driver. 

Following the simple tips outlined above can help prevent a rear-end collision. Still, while you may drive safely and carefully, you cannot control the negligent or careless actions of other drivers. If you have been seriously injured in a rear-end collision or some other accident, contact me, David Todd, at the Todd Law Firm. The number is (512) 472-7799 and the case consultation is free. You may also wish to download a free copy of my book The Seven Deadly Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Texas Accident Case for additional information.

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