Prognosis for a Head Injury in a Child after Accident in Texas

Among the most serious injuries that can happen to a child is a head injury. A child accident in Texas that affects your son's or daughter's brain requires immediate medical attention. After seeking medical care, you should speak to a Texas child accident lawyer to discuss negligence and legal recourse. Treatment for traumatic brain injury can be very costly, and if someone else's negligence caused the accident, you should hold them accountable.

It was previously believed that the effects of mild traumatic brain injury in a child subsided within 3 months
. However, a study on the long-term effects of a head injury in a child indicates that the effects can last up to a year or longer. 

The problem is that many prior studies excluded cases involving more acute mild TBI and children with severe injuries. The current study, published by prominent pediatric neuropsychologist Keith Yeates, shows the prognosis for a child with TBI isn't as positive as once thought. The study also shows that a child who experiences only amnesia and disorientation after a TBI may have a better prognosis.

To preserve your child's legal rights after a car accident or playground injury, contact a Texas child accident lawyer. You may be entitled to compensation for your child's medical fees and other incidental expenses related to the accident. It's important that you contact a lawyer quickly, especially if the accident is the result of a playground injury, or if it otherwise occurred on government property so all tight deadlines can be met.

Contacting a Texas Child Accident Lawyer

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