As a Bastrop car accident attorney, many of my clients have sustained serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents as well as slip and fall and sports accidents.  A fractured (broken) jaw is a common injury in these types of accidents. Not only is it quite painful, it may require extensive surgery to correct.

A lower jaw or mandible fracture is the one of the most common types of facial fractures. The mandible is the long bone that runs along both sides of the face and angles up from the chin towards the ear. The mandible is quite strong, but prominent, so it is prone to fractures in car accidents and other types of accidents. Less common is a maxillary fracture or fracture of the upper jaw. The maxilla is a central support bone in the face. Blows to this bone can affect the nose, eyes and teeth.

A broken jaw is a medical emergency due to the risk of breathing problems or significant bleeding. The following are signs and symptoms of a broken jaw:

  • Jaw tenderness or pain that gets worse with biting or chewing
  • Jaw stiffness
  • Difficulty opening the jaw
  • Problems speaking
  • Bleeding inside the mouth
  • Loose teeth or alignment problems
  • Bruising under tongue
  • Swelling or bruising on the cheek or jaw
  • Lump on the cheek or jaw
  • Numbness on the chin or lower lip

A broken jaw needs to be treated immediately due to the potential for breathing problems and serious bleeding. Broken jaws can result in pain, surgery and a long recovery.  Have you suffered a jaw injury or other serious injury due to the negligence or carelessness of another? Contact me, Bastrop car accident lawyer David Todd, at the Todd Law Firm. The phone number is 512-472-7799 and the case review is free. You may also wish to download a free copy of my book Seven Deadly Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Texas Accident Case for additional information.

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