The First 4 Things to Do After a Texas Truck Accident

Texas truck accidents are some of the most dangerous car accidents that can happen on the road in Texas, and it's vital that you know how to act after you have been involved in one of these collisions. The sheer force and mass of a big rig truck can mean heavy damage to you, your passengers, and your vehicle, so always speak with an attorney about how to protect your right to compensation by the responsible parties and their insurance providers

4 Important Steps to Take after a Texas Truck Accident

After a Texas truck accident, take the following steps to protect your case:

  • the first person you contact should be, as with any car accident, a doctor in Austin;
  • keep documentation of all of your medical records, X-rays, bills, receipts, and repair estimates;
  • do not claim or disclaim the fault for the accident, no matter the circumstances, when answering police questions; and
  • contact an attorney as soon as you are able.  

If you or someone you love has been injured in a Texas truck accident, our team of Texas personal injury lawyers is prepared to help you through this difficult time. After you've been in a car accident, a doctor in Austin can help you get physically well, and an attorney can help you regain your financial and legal wellness. 

Contacting a Team of Texas Personal Injury Lawyers

A truck accident in Texas is one of the most dangerous car accidents to be involved in. Before you take the important step of hiring an attorney, educate yourself about what you can expect from a Texas truck accident case. Order this free guide for Texas accident victims and learn: 

  • What to ask a lawyer before hiring them to take your case.
  • The most common reasons a Texas personal injury claim will fail.
  • What you can do to protect your injury claim. 

Not every accident case requires the help of an attorney and we can help you to determine whether yours is one of those cases! If you are ready to get started with your case, we urge you to contact our team of Texas personal injury lawyers today for a FREE case evaluation - 512-472-7799.

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