West Texas Permian fields shale oil boom increases truck accidents

The Permian field shale oil boom in west Texas has dramatically increased the number of accidents and fatalities involving commercial trucks (also known as 18 wheeler or semi-trucks or tractor-trailers). The process of fracking has turned areas that were recently considered "tapped out" of oil to suddenly become hugely profitable as vast new oil reserves have become retrievable. The tremendous pressure that oil drilling companies and suppliers of piping, frack water and other supplies puts on drivers to deliver loads faster and more often has led to cutting corners in the hiring, training and retention of drivers and leads some drivers to take chances with safety on the road by working too many hours or driving too fast. 

Since 2008, the number of traffic fatalities from semi-truck accidents has increased dramatically in such west Texas Permian oil fields such as the Spraberry, Wolfberry, Dean, Bone Spring, Upper Cline, and Wolfcamp A, B and C. Serious injury and wrongful death claims from 18 wheeler accidents have skyrocketed in west Texas towns and cities such as Big Spring, Midland and Odessa and along highway I-20. Currently there is approximately one fatality per week along I-2O related to semi-trucks working the west Texas shale oil boom.

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Seems like the drive for ever-increasing profits means that the safety of pedestrians and even children is not a primary concern. That's pretty tragic.
by Jonathan Steves November 25, 2013 at 01:24 PM
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