When a Personal Injury Attorney in Austin Doesn’t Meet Your Standards

So you’ve hired an attorney to handle your personal injury claim and they aren’t doing their job? Not all lawyers are experienced in insurance claims settlement. If you’re dissatisfied with your current legal representation you may want to consider hiring a personal injury attorney in Austin at the Todd Law Firm. 

How to Fire a Lawyer Working on Your Personal Injury Claim

When you decide your lawyer isn’t any help to your case, it may be necessary to switch legal representation: 
  • Review the written agreement or contract you signed with the current attorney. Does it address what will happen if you decide to terminate the relationship?
  • Hire a new personal injury attorney in Austin before letting your present one go. This will minimize the delay in switching attorneys and in processing your case.
  • Send a certified letter to your old lawyer clearly stating that you’re terminating the relationship and list the reason(s) why.
  • If any fees have been pre-paid for work that wasn’t yet completed, request a full refund and also ask about any pending fees.
 Stay calm and level-headed throughout this process. Focus on the fact that you’re just trying to get the most compensation possible for your insurance claims settlement.  Don’t get intimidated into firing a lawyer and look for more adequate legal representation for your personal injury insurance claims. After all, as soon as a case is closed it can’t be reopened so you want to do everything in your power to produce a positive outcome.

Contacting a Personal Injury Attorney in Austin 

Before you take the important step of hiring a personal injury attorney Austin, educate yourself about what you can expect from a Texas personal injury claim. Order this free guide for Texas accident victims and learn:  
  • What to ask a lawyer before hiring them to take your case.
  • The most common reasons a Texas personal injury claim will fail.
  • What you can do to protect your injury claim. 
Not every accident case requires the help of an attorney and we can help you to determine whether yours is one of those cases! If you are ready to get started with your case, we urge you to contact us today for a FREE case evaluation – 512-472-7799.
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