If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident, please know that you have my deepest sympathy.  When someone has been severely injured, it can be the most stressful time in their life and the life of their family.

    Today it is more difficult than ever for people to get honest answers to their questions following an accident.  If you have been an accident, of course, I would like for you to contact our firm and allow us to evaluate your claim, with no obligation for you to hire us.  However, I have written this book, and I give it away for free to Texas residents, because I want you to have this valuable information whether you hire our firm, hire another firm, or do not hire an attorney at all.

    I give this information away, because I do not like to see people give up on fighting for their rights, or accept a bad deal, simply because they do not know how to proceed.  This book outlines things you have to know.  It also outlines things you must avoid doing in order to preserve your rights and get what you deserve under the law.

    Honest, hard-working Americans are being taken advantage of more and more these days by large, unfeeling insurance companies, government agencies and even by the legal system.  I wrote this book with the idea that this is the information I would want a close family member or friend to have if they were in an accident.

    Over the years, I have seen the type of pressure and scare tactics that are used on injury victims by insurance companies and even some attorneys.  Insurance companies often encourage injury victims not to hire an attorney.  While it may turn out the your case is the type does not need an attorney, that decision should be made after you are fully informed regarding both your rights and how the personal injury claims process works.  The information in this book should help you to avoid some of the most common pitfalls victims encounter in pursuing a personal injury claim.

    The goal of the insurance company in your case, quite simply, is to resolve your case while paying you the least amount of money (or no money, if possible).  They are not your friend.  Therefore, you should be suspicious of any advice given to you by the insurance company for the party that injured you.  Even the advice given to you by your own insurance company should be reviewed with the help a lawyer to insure you receive all the benefits to which you are entitled. 

    The goal of some personal injury attorneys is to sign up as many cases as possible by making promises they cannot keep.  They cannot keep their promises to you precisely because they are too busy with too many cases.  They do not have time to do a thorough evaluation of your case and to give you a full explanation of the strengths and weaknesses of your claim.  

    If you hire this type of attorney, they do not have time to carefully prepare your case for settlement or trial.  And, unfortunately, some attorneys do file frivolous lawsuits, which waste precious judicial resources and make it harder for the valid cases to get to trial.  If your case has problems that make it unlikely you can win, you deserve to be told that right up front, before you waste your time and energy pursuing a flawed claim.

    Most attorneys require you to set up an initial consultation to obtain any information.  Few of them have the time to sit down and provide you all the information that I provide for you in this book.  I believe it is to your benefit to obtain this information by reading this book, at your own pace and without any pressure, and before are you talk to an attorney or an insurance adjuster regarding your case.  At the very least, if you do end up speaking with an attorney regarding your claim, you will be much better informed.

    Giving you this information up front also helps me.  By putting this information into this book and making this book available to injured Texans, it saves me hours of time that I would spend talking to potential clients who may not have a case that we can accept.  I also ask the clients whose cases we do accept to read this book so they will have a better understanding of the personal injury claims process and how we will approach their case.  

    This book is a way for me to provide an initial "virtual" consultation to many more people than I otherwise could.  Even for those cases that we do accept, our clients need to know this information to understand the personal injury claims process.  I also consider providing this information a necessary public service.  I believe that as more Texans become educated about the personal injury claims process and their legal rights, the less susceptible they will be to abuse by the insurance companies and the legal system.


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