Why do you think insurance companies engage in the outlandish behavior mentioned previously in order to get to injury victims before they hire an attorney?  They are not doing it to help you.  They are doing it to help their bottom line.
    The Insurance Research Council conducted a study that found that injury victims that use lawyers in personal injury claims receive more money than those who do not use a lawyer, even after the attorney's fees are paid!
    Insurance companies do not want you to hire a lawyer because they know they will end up paying more money for your claim. As I said before, insurance companies make profits by collecting premiums, not by paying claims.  The less they pay you, the more profit they make.  Insurance adjusters are not promoted or rewarded for paying out more money than they have to in claims, but by paying out less.
    Many people every year do nothing, or accept much less money than they should, regarding their injury claim.  Usually this is because these people do not know what to do after they have been injured, or they are lead to believe that what they receive is all the money they can get.  Many times, these injury victims feel confused or afraid.  Do not let this happen to you.  When you have been injured, doing nothing is the worst thing you can do.
    What, then, should you do?  Carefully review the following seven "fatal mistakes" that most accident victims make.  Being aware of these mistakes will help you to avoid them, and usually will help you recover more money for your claim.  This is important information that insurers hope you never find out!


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