It is important to make sure you will have sufficient funds available to pay your bills, care for your children and hire a lawyer, at least during the first phase of a divorce. It is a good idea to have a separate bank account that your spouse does not have access to with these funds in it. Remember that all the property you and your spouse have is presumed to be community property, so, depending on circumstances, as the case progresses you may ask the court to order your spouse to provide you additional funds for living expenses and attorney fees.

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The first step is to contact an experienced divorce lawyer with our firm. Our consults are not just a "meet and greet". We ask you to provide us with detailed information on your family and property situation before your consult so we have a clear picture of your situation. We listen to you and get the complete story of what happened. We then help you set up a plan to get the outcome you want. We then gather all the evidence needed to prove up your case either in settlement or in court. Our goal is to review your entire situation and help you develop a winning game plan for your divorce. Contact Todd Law Firm now to discuss your case. Or, simply call our Austin, Texas office at (512) 472-7799.


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