The issues that must be resolved in your Texas divorce (either by agreement of the parties or by decision by the court)  are:

Regarding Property Issues: 

  1.  How to divide all the stuff you own, including automobiles, everything in the house, bank accounts, retirement accounts, the house, etc.  You also have to decide who will take responsibility for paying which debts.
  2.  How to handle income taxes for the year before the divorce and the year of the divorce, what to do with any tax refund and who gets tax deductions in the future.
  3. Whether anyone is going to pay alimony and, if so, how much and for how long.
  4. Whether the wife will go back to her previous name (maiden name or previous married name).

Regarding Children:

  1.  The rights and responsibilities of each parent regarding the children, including which parent determines the legal residence of the kids.
  2.  Whether the parent who determines the residence of the children (the “primary” parent) may move out of the area where the divorce occurred and take the children with them. This is called a "geographic restriction".
  3. When each parent has the children with them ("possession").
  4. How much child support is to be paid.