Having your child support payments withheld from your paycheck through an Income Withholding Order is the best way to make sure they are paid. This order requires your employer to withhold child support from your paycheck and send the child support to the Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit (SDU), which then sends the child support directly to the other parent. This also creates a record that protects the payer by proving payments were made as required. The court must sign a withholding order in every case child support is ordered. However, sometimes the parents may agree to avoid having the withholding order sent to the employer. In that case, the parent ordered to pay child support must remember to send each payment to the SDU on their own.

Note: you should never send child support payments directly to the other parent. If there is a dispute down the road, the court may consider these payments as a "gift" and order that the child support must still be paid.