There are many common injuries that could be sustained in a dog bite attack in Austin. You should get in touch Austin, TX attorneys who have experience handling dog bite cases if you or your child has become the victim of an attack. In fact, a Texas premises liability attorney would be especially helpful. An attorney with experience in the area of premises liability can help track down the vicious dog's owner and determine if negligence was a factor.

Child Injury Statistics: A Close-Up on Dog Attacks 

National child injury statistics show that: 
  • 3.2 to 1 are the odds that a dog attack victim will be a child;
  • children are more likely to be attacked from the neck up;
  • children 10 and younger suffer the most severe injuries; and
  • in kids 4 and younger, 90% of dog attacks occur in the home. 
Common injuries include the following: 
  • abrasions and lacerations;
  • puncture wounds (dog sinks teeth and bacteria into flesh);
  • tissue loss (skin and tissue is ripped away);
  • crush injuries (the jaws of a dog can rip tendons, break bones and compress nerves);
  • strains and sprains;
  • disfiguring scars (Austin, TX attorneys will seek damages for future medical expenses if it can be proven that your child will need cosmetic surgery in the future as a result of the attack.); and
  • infections (rabies, cellulitis and C canimorsus). 
To protect your legal rights after a dog attack, get medical treatment, retain any damaged clothing, and contact a Texas premises liability attorney quickly so the vicious dog and its owner can be found. Your attorney may be able to help you recover damages for your physical and emotional recovery.

Contacting an Austin, TX Attorney

Before you take the important step of hiring an attorney, educate yourself about what you can expect from a Texas injury case. Order this free guide for Texas accident victims and learn: 
  • What to ask a lawyer before hiring them to take your case.
  • The most common reasons a Texas personal injury claim will fail.
  • What you can do to protect your injury claim. 
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