Austin Burn Injuries are Divided into Five Major Categories

Every day, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 300 children under the age of 20 are treated for burn injuries in emergency rooms across the country. Two children die every day from complications related to burn injuries. For a parent, nothing is worse than seeing a child covered in severe burns and facing permanent scarring and disfigurement in addition to other serious health issues. 

In general, the type of burn, the material causing the burn and the length of time the skin was exposed determines the severity of the burn injury. Burns are typically classified as follows: 

  • Thermal – A thermal burn occurs when the skin makes contact with a heat source such as a flame, hot surface or scalding liquid that causes cell death. Thermal burns occur because of accidents such as house fires, gasoline explosions in car crashes and spills involving scalding liquid or grease.
  • Electrical – An electrical burn occurs when an electric current flows through the body and produces heat. The heat causes serious damage and the burn typically follows the flow of the current. Electrical burns may occur when a child inserts an object into an electrical outlet.
  • Chemical – A chemical burn occurs when the skin makes contact with an acidic or alkaline product. Alkaline products, such as oven and drain cleaners, cause the most serious burns—especially if treatment is delayed. Acidic products including bathroom cleaners and rust removers can also produce serious burns.
  • Inhalation – Inhalation injuries frequently occur during a fire when a victim inhales smoke, hot steam or other gases. These injuries can range from a mild irritation of the nose to serious damage to the airway and lungs, depending on the inhalant and the length of exposure.
  • Radiation – Radiation burns range from sunburn to burns caused by other types of radiation including thermal radiation, radio frequency energy and ionizing radiation. 

Burn injuries are often very serious and may cause a great deal of pain, depression and disfigurement in addition to stacks of medical bills and years of additional medical treatment and physical therapy. If your child has suffered a serious burn injury due to a dangerous product or the negligence of another party such as a caregiver, daycare worker or driver of a motor vehicle, contact Austin truck accident attorney David Todd for assistance. The number is 512-472-7799 and the case consultation is free. Alternatively, you can download a free copy of the book How to Choose a Texas Truck Accident Lawyer for additional information.