Your Injury Claim in Texas: Before Giving a Recorded Statement, Read This! (Part A)

An Austin injury attorney can help if you’ve been seriously injured as a result of someone else’s negligence in an accident. An attorney can determine if you have a legitimate injury claim in Texas and can explain how personal injury protection in Texas may impact your case. 

When it comes to understanding your rights as a victim in Austin, how car accident insurance settlements are determined and how to protect your claim, you can benefit by getting help from experienced legal counsel. 

When the Insurance Adjuster Requests a Recorded Statement

As if the stress of your accident isn’t enough, you then may have to figure out how to deal with the insurance company to obtain compensation. That’s why it’s important to buy insurance and have personal injury protection in Texas. There can be a lot of confusion about how to handle their questions and what you should and shouldn’t say.

The goal of the insurance company is either to reduce the worth of your claim or deny it. In order to do this, insurance adjusters are trained to use a variety of tactics. They may try to come across as sounding interested in your well-being, but the truth is they’re only interested in reaching a settlement as quickly as possible. 

One of the tactics used is to record your conversations with them. They may also ask for you to provide a recorded statement about the events of your accident. However, Austin car accident insurance settlements easily can be destroyed when you allow yourself to be recorded. What you say can be distorted and used against you.

When you allow your conversations to be recorded, your statements could become evidence that’s helpful to them and hurtful to your injury claim in Texas. This is why it’s always best to contact an Austin injury attorney, who can advise you on how best to deal with insurance adjusters. 

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