The Burnet Road Improvement Project will be happening in Travis County, Texas, and is being built by the City of Austin. At the Todd Law Firm, we will be helping landowners with this particular project. The details are that this is a multimodal improvement project for Burnet road for a length of approximately two and a half miles from US 183 to Gracy Farms Lane. These multimodal improvements will be carried out approximately 300 feet north of Gault Lane intersection. The proposed improvements will expand the existing facility from a five-lane, undivided roadway to a six-lane, divided roadway with environmental enhancements for pedestrians, bikes and mass transit. Additionally, a seven-foot wide protected bicycle lane, and an eight-foot wide sidewalk would be added on both sides of Burnet Lane, along the two and a half mile corridor.

The schedule for this project includes environmental clearance, which was given in the summer of 2020, and it's projected that they will start acquisition in 2021 of the parcels needed, and construction in late 2021, continuing on into 2022. If you are affected by this project, or think you might be affected by this project, visit us at our website, Download our free Texas eminent domain guide, and contact us to have us explain how this project may affect you and how we can help you make sure you get the best outcome for yourself and your property.


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