Notice a Child Head Injury in Texas? Identifying the Signs of Child Abuse (Part A)

As a parent or guardian, the thought of someone hurting your child is both painful and terrifying. If your child has a head injury or any other type of suspicious injury, speak with child injury lawyers from Texas who understand and sympathize with the complexities of a child injury case involving caretaker abuse or neglect.

Parents fear nothing more than the possibility that children may be in danger and when harm is perpetrated by someone that you have trusted to watch and protect your child, you must take immediate action.

Child Injury Prevention Begins with Recognizing the Signs

If your child has a head injury or other unexplainable bruises or wounds, inquire of both your child and the caretaker for explanations. Document everything so that child injury lawyers can be able to quickly assess your case.

The physical and social signs that your child may be suffering from caretaker abuse or neglect include:
  • unexplained wounds or injuries;
  • bruises of different colors, which indicates that some are newer;
  • injuries in the shape of objects;
  • bite marks;
  • burns;
  • fear toward adults;
  • anti-social or hostile behavior;
  • stress, apathy, or depression; and
  • nightmares or bed-wetting. 
This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you find any bumps, bruises, cuts, or other injuries on your child that seem questionable, demand answers and take action with child injury prevention. When it comes to a child injury, prevention may be the first step, but it is certainly not the last.

If you suspect that your child's head injury has come from a caretaker, speak with one of our child injury lawyers who has handled cases similar to yours
and can advise you on your rights and the best possible course of child injury prevention in your circumstance. By contacting a Texas personal injury lawyer you can help you pursue reparations on behalf of your child.

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