What Parents Need to Know About Dog Attacks and Child Injuries in Texas (Part B)

As a parent or caregiver, you'll want to know that education is the key to preventing child injuries by a dog. If your child has already been injured, you should still provide him or her with safety tips to prevent future attacks. Below, we list some safety tips that may prevent an attack. An animal attack lawyer in Texas can provide you with more tips and help you understand your legal options.

Tips to Prevent Child Injuries Caused by a Vicious Dog

Because many victims know the dog that attacked them, teach your children to: 
  • Be respectful of dogs - never strike a dog or pull its ears, tail or paws. 
  • Avoid bothering dogs that are busy - never approach a dog that's tending to puppies, playing with a toy, sleeping or eating.  
  • Don't approach an unfamiliar dog - if you want to meet a dog, ask the owner for permission. If the owner gives you permission, allow the dog to sniff your fist and see if it's interested in meeting you. Don't approach the dog with an open hand or make any gestures above the dog's head. 
  • Be calm - speak quietly; avoid shouting. 
  • Be still - if a dog approaches, stand still, look away from the dog and keep your hands at your side. If you're on the ground, curl your knees to your chest, cover your ears and avoid eye contact. 

Keep in mind that even the most knowledgeable child can still be attacked by a vicious dog whose owner has allowed it to run free, failed to provide appropriate safety measures or commanded the dog to attack, all examples of criminal negligence. 

If your child suffers injuries from an animal attack, a lawyer in Texas can help by tracking down the animal's owner, reviewing your case for examples of criminal negligence, consulting with experts to estimate future medical expenses and negotiating with insurance companies. Owners who failed to control or restrain their dogs should be held accountable for their negligent actions.

Contacting an Animal Attack Lawyer in Texas

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