If you may be affected by the FM 664 project by TxDOT or the Texas Department of Transportation, then this is some additional information you may find helpful. My name is David Todd. I'm an eminent domain attorney in Austin, Texas, and we help landowners throughout the state dealing with eminent domain condemnation projects where their land may be affected or taken. This is one of the projects we're going to be helping people with, it is a TxDOT project in Ellis County. It was originally announced in their public meeting in July, way back in 2018, they started right away acquisition the following year, 2019, according to the schedule, however, it's been taking longer than expected, and they are now at the phase where they're going to start condemnation proceedings on remaining properties. If you're affected by this, or think you may be affected by this reach out to us at davidtoddlaw.com and we will provide you with all the information we can. You can download our free Texas eminent domain guide there, to see how the process works. And then talk to us about how we can help you make sure that you get full value for your property and protect your rights in these Texas eminent domain proceedings.

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