10 Reasons Why You May Lose Your Texas Personal Injury Claim (Part B)

Talking Publicly About Your Case
Don't discuss your case with others who could use it against you. For instance, you don't want to share anything about your case using social media. Also, don't offer your opinion or thoughts on what led to your accident in Williamson County, Texas when you speak with the insurance company. If you have any questions on who you can talk to and what you can say, meet with your Georgetown injury attorney.

Lacking a Written Notice of Injuries
If your injuries prevent you from working, then you need to let your doctor know. You'll need something in writing from the doctor that indicates the need to stop working. It's not enough that you say you can't work; you need a medical professional to back you up. Pay stubs can help reinforce the amount of income you're losing.

Being Disorganized
Never has a time been more necessary to keep things organized than when you are pursuing your Texas personal injury claim. Keep everything related to your accident in a file where it can be easily accessed. This includes medical records, bills, photographs of the accident scene, treatment referrals, work restrictions and any other documentation related to your accident in Williamson County, Texas.

Tardy on Documentation
Be prompt on keeping careful documentation of everything that happens after the accident, including conversations with the insurance company, visits to the doctor and even writing down what happened right after the accident. The longer you wait to document these things, the more difficult it'll be to recall.

Not Contacting a Georgetown Injury Attorney
You may lose your Texas personal injury claim if you fail to seek legal counsel. Injuries from an accident in Williamson County, Texas could be significant, so you want to ensure that you receive what you're entitled to.

Contacting a Georgetown Injury Attorney

Before you take the important step of hiring an attorney, educate yourself about what you can expect from a Texas injury case. Order this free guide for Texas accident victims and learn: 
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