If you're affected by the Ranch-to-Market RM 620 project being built by TxDOT, here's some additional information about that project. Hi, my name is David Todd. I'm an eminent domain attorney in Austin, Texas. And I want to tell you about this project because it may be affecting your property if you're in that area. This, as I said, is a project by TxDOT, or the Texas Department of Transportation, that's happening in Travis County, Texas. And the goal of the project is to widen RM 620 South from State Highway 71 to Hudson Bend Road in Bee Cave, Texas, which is just west of Austin, Texas proper.

The first public meeting about this project was held in 2019. Environmental clearance was achieved in spring of 2020, and right away acquisition is actually happening right now in 2021. If you are affected or think you may be affected by this project, contact us at davidtoddlaw.com. Get our free Texas Eminent Domain Guide, and then talk to us about how this may affect you, how to protect your rights and any other information that may help you to get the best outcome for yourself and your property on this project.


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