Filing a Birth Injury Claim in Texas Related to Umbilical Cord Compression

Treatment of Umbilical Cord Compression

Detecting that umbilical cord compression has occurred could mean the difference between life and death. It could also avoid serious injuries. If there was a delay in notifying the OB/GYN of a problem, or the fetal monitor strip was incorrectly interpreted, this type of birth injury in Texas could lead you to file a claim. It’s best you get in touch with a lawyer in Austin as soon as possible. 

In addition to medical personnel detecting this condition, they should also take appropriate measures to treat it. If the heart rate continues to drop or other signs of distress are apparent, then it may become necessary to perform a Caesarean section.

The passing of the baby’s first stool, which is called meconium, or the fetal blood pH showing a decrease are other signs that medical treatment is needed. When a failure to treat the decrease results in injuries to the baby, negligent partys may be held liable through a birth injury claim in Texas. 

A Caesarean section, however, isn’t the only means of treatment. To hurry the labor and delivery along, the OB/GYN may opt first to try vacuum extraction or forceps, or the mother may be given oxygen so that more is available to the baby.

Determining Negligence as a Result of Umbilical Cord Compression

Proving medical negligence isn’t always easy. You’ll need ample evidence that demonstrates the OB/GYN and/or other medical personnel acted in a careless or reckless manner. This is where a child injury lawyer in Austin, Texas can help.

An attorney can determine negligence through the readings of the fetal heart rate monitor or other medical records. Speaking to a child injury lawyer in Austin, Texas is the best way to learn what your rights are, if you have a legitimate birth injury claim in Texas to pursue and how best to prepare for it. When your child has suffered, you deserve to have someone on your side helping to fight for what you may be entitled to.

Contacting a Child Injury Lawyer in Austin, Texas

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