Stages of a Texas Personal Injury Case after Car Accident (Part A)

A car accident in Austin, TX can lead to severe injuries and, in some cases, death. In the aftermath you could be faced with costly medical bills, significant time off from work, or the mental anguish of losing a loved one. If you've become a victim of one of the many accidents that occur in Texas, you should meet with an Austin accident lawyer.

If this is your first time seeking compensation in a Texas personal injury case, you may be a bit intimidated by the process. However, a Texas car accident attorney can take the time to review your cases and explain how the claims process works. To protect your rights, you should seek medical treatment, follow all of your doctor's orders, and seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

Understanding the Texas Personal Injury Claims Process

Basically, the stages of an injury case are constant despite the different forms accidents and lawsuits may take. First, you will meet with your Austin accident lawyer. Your lawyer can contact you shortly after the meeting to discuss your legal options.

Your lawyer will probably ask questions about: 
  • how the accident happened;
  • your insurance coverage;
  • whether you've talked to any insurance adjusters;
  • your injuries; and
  • whether you've spoken to anyone about the accident.  
Next, the initial court papers must be filed. The initial documents are called pleadings. They include the Complaint, which is usually the first paper filed. This document outlines your case, identifying the parties involved, stating your claim, and listing the damages you want the defendant to pay.

Another document, the Answer, is the defendant's response to your complaint. In the Answer, the defendant may admit or deny anything in the Complaint or argue why he or she shouldn't be held accountable for damages.

Next, the discovery process and resolutions before trial may happen, which are common after a car accident in Austin, TX. While this article isn't inclusive of all stages of a personal injury case, you can always contact a Texas car accident attorney for more information.

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