The 7 Deadly Sins of Facebooking During Your Texas Injury Claim (Part A)

When filing a Texas injury claim, it is imperative that you realize this is not a simple task. A personal injury lawyer in Williamson County, Texas can help advise you about social media use during your claim.

While it is already difficult enough to gather substantial evidence to back up and strengthen your claim, what some do not realize is that the opposite party will be trying to thwart your claim in whatever way it can. One of the common channels of investigation is through social media because individuals often are under the false assumption that social media is private.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Facebooking During Your Texas Injury Claim

A general way to protect yourself during the claims process is to ask yourself before you post something on Facebook if there is anyone you wouldn't want to see the particular information or photo. If the answer is ever yes, don't post it.

Some of the 7 most harmful things you can do with regard to Facebook during your injury claim include:
  • Maintaining a social media profile during your injury claim. To avoid all complications, simply deactivate all of your social media outlets while the claim is in progress. By maintaining a Facebook page at all you may be giving the defendant an opportunity to dig around for information he or she otherwise wouldn't have.
  • Getting fooled into thinking that your social media pages or Facebook is private. Just because you set a privacy setting doesn't mean you are in the clear and you can call it a day. Privacy settings will not completely keep you protected.
  • Lying during your claim (don't do this to yourself, your insurance company or your lawyer) or post otherwise conflicting information on your Facebook. Be honest because if your lie is discovered later on your case could be seriously jeopardized.  

a personal injury lawyer in Williamson County, Texas if you have any questions regarding your claim or if you have concerns related to your social media use.

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