Truck Accidents in Texas

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Think of all the injured victims like you, frightened about the future. Their lives are forever changed due to the ignorance of other motorists.
Did a truck’s brakes fail? Was the driver speeding? Was the driver drunk, on drugs or swallowing pills to stay awake? Did the vehicle pass Texas inspection? If so, at what level? Did the driver own a permit to carry hazardous material? Did the vehicle’s weight exceed legal limits? Were headlights shining at night? Did the driver pass too close, tailgate or lay on his air horn? Were flashers blinking if the truck was descending a steep grade? Was the driver traveling on roads marked for “cars only?” Did the driver lose cargo which shifted onto the roadway?
In conjunction with truck-driver negligence, we will examine case-related negligence of parties responsible for road safety infrastructure. For instance, did the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) abide by its mission statement, “To provide safe, effective and efficient movement of people and goods.”? The agency established 25 statewide districts (Austin being one) and claims, “Each district, managed by a district engineer, is responsible for the design, location and construction and maintenance of its area transportation systems.” Were those responsibilities met?
Another party with a hand in road safety is the Texas Asphalt Pavement Association. One of its’ mission statement purposes reads, “In general, to perform all lawful functions for the advancement and benefit of the hot mix asphalt pavement industry including advocating responsible stewardship by members with regard to safety and the operating environment for the manufacture or production and placement of hot mix asphalt products.” Were those duties tendered?
If we find administrative negligence as it relates to the trucking sector, we will take testimony from civil engineers, certified truck mechanics, police, state officials, motorists and toll booth employees to support our case. We will obtain surveillance tapes where appropriate for evidence.
Still uncertain about filing suit?
Consider the tragedy of Paradise, Texas resident Randy Hughes. Mr. Hughes lost his wife Kim, son Shiloh, daughter Afton and mother-in-law Joyce in a September 2002 Wise County accident involving a gravel truck. Randy Hughes also lost two grandchildren who were in the womb of his daughter when she was struck in that sport utility vehicle on State Highway 114 in northeast Texas. Mr. Hughes endured all this at the hands of an undocumented worker who was driving a tractor trailer that drifted into the path of Kim Hughes. A civil jury unanimously found the driver, truck leasing company and truck owner negligent. The jury awarded $23.5 million to the victims’ families.
The Dallas Morning News, author of a September 2006 investigative report, contends only 37 percent of trucks inspected in Texas in 2005 passed the top-tier inspection, Level 1. The News reported that 5,200 people died in accidents involving large trucks in the United States in 2005 and 502 of them died in Texas. In addition, 10,000 people are injured each year in Texas in truck-related crashes, the News reported.
Almost 70 percent of truck traffic from Mexico enters the U.S. through Texas. Trade between the U.S. and Mexico has doubled since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994, the News stated.
The report noted that periodic truck maintenance drains profits because of time lost on the road. Instead, companies run 80,000-pound semis ragged between mechanical overhauls, causing a rig’s tires, brake pads and hydraulics to exceed standard performance capabilities.
Here is another unfortunate incident, this one closer to home earlier this year.
According to KVUE-TV, a sedan traveling on Interstate 35 in Austin attempted to pass a tractor-trailer. The two vehicles became tangled and swerved into the east side barricade. The vehicles then careened across four lanes and impacted the west side barricade. That’s when another 18-wheeler and five more vehicles collided with the sedan and first rig. The sedan then caught fire, killing the occupant.
An eyewitness driving nearby saw the 18-wheeler carrying lumber nearly flip over. “That’s the one that mostly started everything,” he said. It hit a car in front of it -- about three other cars in front of it – and started on fire.”
If you have suffered a family tragedy such as Mr. Hughes or sustained serious injury, you are due compensation for medical treatment, pain and suffering. In no way, should you pay for another’s mistake? Untreated injuries or permanent disablement can ruin your life.
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