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Are you facing a custody fight? Are you wondering who is the best custody lawyer in Austin, Texas for your situation? The Todd Law Firm is an award-winning family law firm dedicated to protecting the legal rights of Texans in family law matters. Founder and Board Certified Family Law attorney David Todd has handled family cases since 1989 and has helped hundreds of families resolve their legal issues so they can move on with their lives.

Why Should You Hire a Lawyer for Your Custody Case? 

You may never have hired a lawyer before. You may wonder "What can an attorney do for me? Do I even need a lawyer?" Hiring a lawyer will help if you:

  • Have children whose care and future must be arranged
  • Have never dealt with the family law court system don't know where to start
  • Tried to resolve your issues yourself but had trouble agreeing with your spouse
  • Have experienced threats or abuse by your spouse
  • Want professional help to make sure you protect yourself and your children and get all the outcome you deserve

You may think that if your spouse has a lawyer, they can handle everything for both of you. Remember that your spouse's attorney owes loyalty to your spouse, not you. Their job is to get the best result for your spouse, not you.

You can level the playing field by having a lawyer on your side. Here at the Todd Law Firm, we have been winning great child custody results for clients Austin, San Antonio and central Texas since 1989. We know exactly how to set up your case and avoid the mistakes often made by "do it yourself-ers". We handle everything for you so you can focus on moving on with your life. 

How We Can Help

When a potential custody client contacts us, it's often because they are frustrated and "fed up" with trying to work things out with their spouse and they want to know their options. They did not know how hard planning for their children would be, especially if their spouse if making threats regarding the kids. Some people try to intimidate their spouse by hiring a lawyer first or threatening to take the children.


We Fight Any Battles For You 

The other parent may ignore you and hope you will either go away or accept a ridiculous settlement offer. However, once you are represented by us, they no longer can ignore you. Often the simple act of hiring a custody lawyer is enough to force the other side to take the case seriously. While we always try to work things out by agreement, we are ready and able to go to court when necessary to make sure you receive the justice you deserve.


We Prove What's Fair for You and Your Children

Knowing what should happen in your custody case is not the same as proving it. We have years of experience in building your case and proving what arrangement is best for your kids. We know what information and documents to gather to give you the best chance to either settle your case or win in court.


We Investigate Your Case Immediately

Delay is your biggest enemy in proving your claims in a custody dispute. Witnesses forget or become hard to locate. Documents become hard to find or are "lost", either by accident or intentionally. This is why our priority is to investigate your case and gather all the necessary evidence as soon as your hire us.


We Fight to Win You the Outcome You Deserve

Under Texas law, when you divorce, you are entitled to a custody order that is in the best interest of your children. At the Todd Law Firm, our job is to help you resolve your case with the outcome you deserve.  

How Does It Work? 

Schedule Your Initial Consultation

The first step is to contact us for an initial consultation with our firm. Our consults are not just a "meet and greet". We ask you to provide us with detailed information on your family situation before your consult so we have a clear picture of your situation. We listen to you and get the complete story of what happened. We then help you set up a plan to get the outcome you want. We then gather all the evidence needed to prove up your case either in settlement or in court. Our goal is to review your entire situation and help you develop a winning game plan for your custody case. 


We Handle Everything and Keep You Informed 

We are always available to answer questions. We will keep you updated on the status of your case. We handle the paperwork and case preparation so you can focus on caring for yourself and your children and moving on with your life.


Fair Settlement is Always an Option

As your case proceeds, we stay in touch with the other side and always leave the door open for a fair settlement. Attorney David Todd has been negotiating with opposing family law lawyers since 1989. He knows all the tricks and threats and how to deal with them, and he will advise you on what is a reasonable offer. After negotiations, if the other parent is not offering you a fair deal, we will take it to court. 


Going to Court

When the other side is being unreasonable, we are not afraid to litigate your case. Family law attorneys know which lawyers are willing to go to court to fight for their clients to make sure they are treated fairly. We have won great results for our family law clients and know how to bring them justice in the courtroom. 

Why Trust the Todd Law Firm?

The Todd Law Firm's founder David Todd is one of the most recognized attorneys in our area. He is Board Certified in Family Law, has been chosen by his peers as a Texas Super Lawyer and is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. But don't take our word for it. Read what the many divorcing Texans we have helped say about us in their client testimonials

How Do I Get Started?

To arrange your initial consultation, contact us now at (512) 472-7799 or fill out our contact form.

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