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Whether from accidents, disease or old age, death is an unfortunate fact of life.  But unnecessary, preventable death caused by someone's negligence is a horrible tragedy.  Pursuing a legal case for wrongful death of a loved one can be complicated and expensive.  But pursing the claim is necessary to recover for damages to those left behind and to protect their economic future.  And in some cases it can give meaning to the loss by preventing the same fate from happening to someone else.

Review the valuable, free information from Austin wrongful death lawyer David Todd to learn how to pursue your claim. At the Todd Law Firm, we are dedicated to pursuing justice for the families of wrongful death victims in Austin and across Texas.  If someone's negligence has caused the wrongful death of a loved one, contact us today for a free case evaluation.  Let us explain how we can help pursue compensation for your wrongful death claim.  Learn how to avoid common mistakes that can compromise your case.  Let us protect your rights and help you successfully resolve your claim.