What is the TxDOT FM 548 project? Hi, I'm Texas eminent domain attorney David Todd. And I wanted to give you a little information about this particular project. You see the map on the screen here. This is happening in Kaufman and Rockwall counties here in Texas. The object of this project is Texas Department of Transportation wants to widen FM 548 from US 80 to State Highway 205. Now, the schedule that they filed when they filed about this project, showed this particular map and also showed that right away acquisition in fiscal year 2019 through 2021. So there's been some recent movement on this particular project. So if you have received notice that you're going to be affected by this, check out our website, DavidToddLaw.com and look at our free Texas eminent domain guide and then contact us to see how you can protect your rights and how we can help you through this process. I wish you good luck with your property and this project. And thank you for watching.

Here is a link to this TXDOT project site.

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