The Texas Department of Transportation has a new project, the 676 Project that you may be affected by and if so you need to learn a little more about it. I'm David Todd, I'm an eminent domain attorney in Austin, Texas. And one of the projects we're following, helping folks with is the FM 676 project. It is in Hidalgo County, Texas. It is by the Texas Department of Transportation and they are doing some improvements to FM 676 or Mile 5 North Road from SH 364 which is the LA Homa road to SH 101.

The construction is expected to start in 2022. However, the right of way acquisition, meaning the taking of the property for the project by TxDOT is underway right now. If you are affected or think you might be affected by this project, check out our free eminent domain guide at on our website, and also contact us to get more information and see how we can help make sure that you get full compensation for this project. 

Here is a link with more project information.

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