The Todd Law Firm Difference

At the Todd Law Firm we do not handle every type of case.  We focus on eminent domain and personal injury cases in Austin and throughout Texas.  Focusing our practice and only accepting a select few of the cases that come through our door allows us to continue to develop our expertise, spend more time on each case and obtain better results. We prepare every case from day one as if it were going to trial. That way, if you end up in court, you are ready. And, if you settle the case by agreement, you get a better outcome because you are negotiating from a position of strength.

There are many lawyers to choose from for your case. However, all Texas lawyers are not the same. Many attorneys never take cases to trial and therefore lack the skill and confidence to go to court and win. Ironically, using this type of attorney can make it less likely that your case will settle, or at least settle for something that makes you happy. 

Most cases eventually settle by agreement between the parties. This is one reason why many attorneys never get much trial experience, and why even fewer get any experience trying cases before a jury. Settling a case without a trial is often desirable for the simple reason that no one can guarantee what result you will get at trial. Settling a case through mediation lets the parties control the outcome. Settlement provides certainty to the parties and is usually faster, less costly and less stressful than trying the case. To the extent you and the "other side" can agree on how to resolve our case, you will save time and money and avoid needless worry. 

However, for those cases where some (or all) of the issues cannot be easily resolved by agreement, the key to getting a fair settlement in the shortest amount of time possible is the willingness to go to court if necessary. You need leverage to resolve the case in your favor and protect your interests and your family. The only leverage you have comes from being prepared to go to court if you have to. This means letting the other side know that, if you do not settle, you are ready to go to court and get an even better result. The only way to do this is by hiring a trial lawyer.

Even in cases that are resolved by agreement, courtroom experience gives your attorney vital insight into how to proceed in order to avoid a problem that might require a contested hearing or trial in the future. And, if a disagreement arises that must be decided by a court, you are better served by having an attorney that knows their way around the courthouse and has experience winning cases before judges and juries.

Hiring a "settle at all costs" lawyer means your case may take longer, cost more and yield a worse result than if you hired a trial lawyer to prepare your case for court from day one. By contrast, hiring a trial lawyer allows you to bargain from a position of strength instead of fear. Being ready for trial usually leads to faster and more favorable settlements. And, if you have to try the case, you have the confidence that comes from being prepared.

Regardless of the type of case, you probably are uncertain how to begin and what to expect. You may also be wary of talking to a lawyer and afraid of what that may cost. Our free legal guides and useful videos will help you understand the legal process, avoid common mistakes and replace fear of the legal process with the confidence that comes from knowing how to proceed. Discussing your case with us as soon as possible can help you protect your rights and your family. We are committed to helping you get the best possible outcome for your case. 

The goal of consultation is to help you understand the legal aspects of your situation and evaluate your options. We are happy to consult with you either in our office or by telephone in order to make this process as easy and convenient as possible for you. While no one can guarantee an outcome for your case, we take the risk and hassle out of consulting a lawyer. We will listen to you and ask questions in order to understand your case and help you clarify the outcome you want, and advise you on your options and the course of action we recommend. No matter what type of legal challenge you have, you will gain valuable information on how to resolve your case and there is no obligation to hire us.

Before we do any work in your case, we will explain all fees and costs, and the agreement will be spelled out in writing so there are no misunderstandings, and so you can ask any questions you may have.  If you choose to hire us and if we choose to accept your case we work with you as a team to obtain the best possible results for you.

Not every case needs a lawyer, but everyone facing an injury claim in Texas needs good information on how to pursue their case and, when necessary, select the best lawyer for their case. Since 1989, The Todd Law firm has focused its practice on the needs of families in Austin and central Texas. As a strong advocate for people undergoing often difficult and time-consuming ordeals, we offer discreet, no obligation information for individuals when they need it most.

We donate a portion of every child injury recovery to charities focused on protecting children from harm and healing injured kids. We are proud supporters of Dell Children's Medical CenterThe Center for Child Protection, and Hope4Minds.