Commercial, Industrial and Special-Use Landowners:
Don't Get "Taken" When They Take Your Land.

Are you faced with losing your land to a public project? Are you wondering who is the best eminent domain attorney in Austin, Texas for your case?

Your land may be your biggest asset. When all or a large part of that land is being taken for a public project, you deserve to receive maximum value. We specialize in protecting commercial, industrial, special-use and large-tract landowners who are facing eminent domain taking of their property. Our focus is helping you receive maximum compensation for your property.

Eminent Domain Attorney Protecting Landowners in Corporate or Government Takings Throughout Texas.

When your land may be taken for a public project, you may wonder: How do I protect myself? What can a Texas eminent domain lawyer do for me? Who is the best Texas eminent domain attorney for my particular case? Let Austin eminent domain condemnation attorney David Todd show you how the condemnation process works and how to protect your rights and get maximum value for your property. Based in Austin, the Todd Law Firm helps landowners facing condemnation throughout Texas. 

Before You Negotiate or Sign Anything, Protect Your Rights With Our Free Guide and Your Personalized Map.

Before you talk to anyone or sign any paperwork, you should read our free "Texas Eminent Domain Condemnation Guide". It will explain the condemnation process, help you avoid common landowner mistakes and help you decide if you need a lawyer to help you get maximum value for your land.

You may also request our free custom map of your property showing the proposed project route to help you understand how you will be affected.

All this free information will help you make better choices in protecting your rights as a landowner. It will also help you decide if you need the help of a lawyer.

You wouldn't believe the low-ball offers I see being made to good, honest landowners like you when a corporation or the government wants to scoop up your property for their project.

You owe it to yourself and your family to make sure you get full compensation for both the land taken plus the damages to any remaining property. You should not be tricked or bullied into accepting less than you deserve. And you should be able to have a lawyer help you without any up-front legal fees. 

Our "No Win No Fee" Guarantee.

For the cases we accept, we do not charge any up-front fee. With our "No Win No Fee" Guarantee you pay zero legal fees unless we get you more money than the first offer you receive.

If we do get you more for your land than the first offer, our fee is a percentage of that additional value amount. That way, you do not risk losing what you have already been offered.

So, by acting now you can get expert help obtaining maximum compensation without any up-front legal fee.

Act Now to Protect Your Rights and Your Land. 

Condemnation projects move quickly and deadlines affect your legal rights, so don't delay.

Take the first step by finding out if the offer for your land is fair and learning how we can help. Learn how the process works and how to protect your rights by downloading your free copy of our "Texas Eminent Domain Condemnation Guide".

Check out our "Landowner Condemnation Survival Tips" on how to avoid common tricks companies and the government use when they want to take your land for a project.

To receive a free review of your situation, learn how we can help protect your rights as a landowner and decide if we are the best Texas eminent domain lawyer for your case, please contact us now (512) 472-7799 or through our contact form

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If you want the peace of mind that comes with:

  • free confidential review of your case
  • Protection from right-of-way agent "dirty tricks"
  • Our free Texas Eminent Domain Guide explaining how to protect your rights
  • Our "No Win No Fee" Guarantee

Then contact us now by clicking here or calling (512) 472-7799.

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