Our "No Win No Fee" Guarantee

You wouldn't believe the low-ball settlement offers we see being made to clients by powerful interests on the other side. You owe it to yourself, your business and your family to make sure you get maximum compensation. We believe you should not be tricked or bullied into accepting less than you deserveWe also believe you should be able to have a lawyer help you without any up-front legal fees. We do not take every case that comes to us. For the cases we accept, we do not charge an up-front fee. 

Our "No Win No Fee" Guarantee for Eminent Domain

For the condemnation cases we accept, you pay zero legal fees unless we get you more money than the first offer you receive. If we do get you more for your land than the first offer, our fee is a percentage of that additional value amount. 

You are ultimately responsible for court costs and other expenses, but by acting now you can get expert help obtaining maximum compensation without up-front legal fees.

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