Our Client-First Fee Agreement

When a corporation or the government wants to take your land for a public project using eminent domain condemnation, you owe it to yourself and your family to make sure you get full compensation for both the land taken plus the damages to any remaining property. You should not be tricked or bullied into accepting less than you deserve. And you should be able to have a lawyer help you without any up-front legal fees.

For the eminent domain cases we accept, we do not charge any up-front fee. With our Client-First Fee Agreement you pay zero legal fees unless we get you more money than the first offer you receive.

If we do get you more for your land than the first offer, our fee is a percentage of that additional value amount. 

You are responsible for court costs and other expenses, but the sooner in the process we can resolve your claim the lower the legal fee (as low as 25% before expenses). So, by acting now you can get expert help obtaining maximum compensation and keep even more of it.