You should contact an attorney after a car accident if any of the 10 following factors apply to you.

1. You have a serious injury such as:

brain injury
spine injury
broken bones
long recovery
permanent disability

2. You need help proving and recovering lost income

3. You need help with Medical bills such as:

emergency room 
MRI/cat scan
hospital stay
No health insurance

4. You need help with past and future treatment and rehabilitation costs

5. Liability is Contested

Other driver blames you.
Their insurer blames you.
Your insurer blames you.

6. Coverage is Disputed 

Their insurer denies coverage.
Your insurer denies coverage.

7. The other driver has no insurance

You must use your uninsured motorist coverage.


8. You are getting the insurance company "runaround"

You cannot reach an insurer adjuster.
The insurer ignores you.
The adjuster "loses" paperwork.


9. You do not know your "statute of limitations"

That is the fancy legal term for your deadline. It is the date by which you have to file suit.

10. You are too busy with treatment or work to deal with all this.

Every case is different. To discuss the details of your car accident and learn your options, contact us today.

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