Use these five factors in choosing a lawyer for your car accident case.


1. Focus

Personal injury cases are different from other areas of law.
Car accidents are different from other types of personal injury cases.
Use a car accident specialist.

2. Reputation

Learn the attorney's reputation through:

Online reviews
Word of mouth
Client testimonials

3. Results

Review the lawyer's results.
What have they achieved for other car accident victims like you?

4. Dedication

Find out how dedicated the lawyer can be to you and your case.

What is their current caseload (i.e. do they have time for you)?
Who will work on your case?
How will you be updated and informed on the status of your case?

5. Comfort

Test your comfort level with the lawyer.

Treat you with respect?
Appear easy to work with?
Answer your questions?
Seem to care about you and your case?

Remember: trust your gut feeling!

Car accident cases are different and not every lawyer is the right one for your case. To discuss your situation and see if we are a good fit for you, contact us today.



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