Whether or not you’re being offered a fair personal injury claim settlement can’t be boiled down to a single reason, and it’s equally unlikely that the answer will be a simple yes or no. What is certain is that of all the factors that can influence different types of personal injury claims one way or the other, whether or not you have an attorney is one of the most crucial.

Hiring a lawyer to handle your case can mean the difference between a paltry settlement that doesn’t cover all of your losses and a fair shake from the insurance provider. 

The factors that determine a fair and average car accident settlement include: 
  • medical expenses, both current and anticipated future costs;
  • lost wages if your doctor has warned you against working or if you had to take time off to recover, or future lost wages if you are unable to work in the future or have been disabled in some way that prevents you from working in your previous capacity;
  • pain and suffering, which can be determined by your pain prescriptions and witness testimony;
  • permanent injuries, disability, or disfigurement;
  • mental anguish; and
  • decreased or otherwise altered quality of life

After your attorney has collected this and other information related to the accident, he or she can help you determine if you’ve been offered a fair amount for your accident and injury. Consult with a lawyer who has handled cases like yours in the past and can fight for your fair compensation from the insurance provider.