Sometimes a case can be settled without filing a lawsuit. Remember, however, that all personal injury lawsuits and Texas are governed by a "statute of limitations". This means that if you do not file a lawsuit on your injury claim within a certain period of time, you can never file suit on that claim. It is extremely dangerous to wait until you get close to the end of your statute of limitations in order to file a lawsuit, because you lose valuable preparation time and the opportunity to discover if there are any problems with your case or other parties that should be included in the suit before time runs out. There are attorneys that routinely wait until the last minute to see if the insurance company will settle the case. If that does not happen, these attorneys panic and race to find someone to file suit on the case. We do not accept these types of last-minute cases. We do not want to be in charge of fixing the problem caused by another attorney's inaction. If we accept your case it is because we believe that you have a valid claim and that it is usually worth taking to trial if it cannot be settled for a reasonable amount. In many cases we will file suit before we begin settlement negotiations. That way, if negotiations fail, we are prepared to take the case to trial.

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