In order to devote personal attention to the cases that we do accept, we use the following criteria in selecting cases. We generally do not accept the following case types: Cases the do not have clear, visible evidence of injury. If your back or neck hurts but the injury is nothing that can be seen on an MRI, a CT scan, or an x-ray, including broken bones, herniated discs, etc., then we will not accept your case. Insurance companies usually will not pay very much money for those types of injuries when there is no objective evidence of the injury (i.e. something we can put up on a screen and shown to a jury). We will be happy to refer you to other attorneys that do accept these types of cases. Minor impact cases. We understand that a car can look relatively undamaged and a person can still receive significant physical injuries. However, our experience shows that juries generally do not believe this and will award little or no compensation for such accidents. Again, we will be happy to refer you to attorneys that do except this type of case. Cases where are the client has a significant preexisting injury in the same area of the body. If you have had significant previous injury to your neck, and then your neck is injured in an accident, our experience shows that juries will not award you much compensation for that injury. Cases with less than $10,000 of "hard" damages. This amount includes past and future medical bills, and past and future lost wages. If you are not sure whether your case meets this criteria please contact us and we will help you evaluate it. Cases that are near the end of the statute of limitations. We generally like to have at least six months to evaluate and investigate your claim. This is another reason why you should not delay in contacting an attorney. Cases where you were charged by the police in the accident. We realize that police sometimes make mistakes. However, if after performing their initial investigation, including viewing the scene and talking to witnesses, the officer issues you a citation we will not accept your case. Cases where the claimant has had multiple accidents in the near past. Regardless of the circumstances of your latest accident, jurors do not like to award money to people who have had multiple accidents. If the only medical treatment received in the case has been with a chiropractor then we will not accept your case. We know that chiropractors are respectable health care providers and provide significant relief from pain for many accident victims. However, insurance companies and juries generally do not award much money to persons who have only been treated by chiropractors. If you were in some way at fault in the accident, we will not represent you. As mentioned previously, Texas uses a comparative fault method of calculating damages. If you are at fault in your accident it will, at a minimum, reduce the amount you may recover. And if your level of fault was high enough (more than 50%) you will receive nothing. Because of this fact, we will not accept your case if you were at fault in some way for your accident. Please note that if you are currently represented by an attorney, we will not take your case. Everyone does things differently, and that includes attorneys. When I represent someone I like to handle the case from the very beginning so that things are handled in a certain way that I feel is most effective in getting a good result. If you are currently represented feel free to use this book to educate yourself regarding the personal injury claims process. And if this book raises questions for you, ask your attorney. Cases where a lawsuit has already been filed. As I said before, I, like many attorneys, like to do things my own way. If suit has already been filed, I will not accept your case. Likewise, I will not accept your case if it has been "non-suited" (filed and then later voluntarily withdrawn) by another attorney.

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