A Texas personal injury claim can win you damages for medical bills, lost wages and emotional damage. A Georgetown, Texas injury lawyer can provide you with a more in-depth look at how each of the respective damages can be attainable.

A Georgetown, Texas injury lawyer can review your case with you at a no-cost and no-commitment consultation to give you advice and feedback on what action to take. If you do pursue a claim it is important to keep in mind that while you can work towards earning compensation for your damages but they are not guaranteed. 

Texas Personal Injury Claim: Types of Damages

When you have been a victim of an accident and suffered injuries you should file for your damages. In cases of personal injury the court will determine a liable party who will be responsible for compensating the opposite party for his or her damage costs. This may happen in 2 ways: through a settlement or litigation

By filing a claim you will be deemed the plaintiff and will be eligible to claim several different types of damages. The plaintiff is allowed to file for compensation of all medical expenses (this includes past, present and projected future treatment as long as it stems from the accident). 

Lost wages may also be compensated, again this applies to present and projected future amounts if you are rendered unable to return to work. Pain and suffering along with other emotional damage is also taken into account. In some cases, if the injuries suffered are extremely severe then the plaintiff may be eligible to file for disfigurement or disability benefits.
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