Well, that depends...

There is no standard formula for determining the value of your Texas personal injury claim and every case is different. Some cases gain their value mostly from the serious injuries inflicted on the victim. Other cases get their value mostly from the outrageous behavior of the defendant. Many cases involve both these factors.

The estimated value of your claim may change dramatically during the course of your case as both good and bad facts (i.e. those that help you and those that hurt you) are uncovered by your lawyer. The job of your Texas personal injury lawyer is to evaluate all elements of your injury case, gather all the evidence regarding past and future costs of the injury, as well as any evidence of negligence by the person or entity that caused the injury in order to maximize the value of the case.

An experienced Texas personal injury attorney can compare your situation with cases he has handled in the past in order to arrive at an approximate value for your claim.


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