As stated earlier, unlike many personal injury firms, we do not accept and try to manage hundreds of cases of the time. We carefully select a few cases and then work hard to maximize their value. Many attorneys who advertise for personal injury work have so many cases that none of the cases receive their personal attention. And some attorneys never take cases to trial. If the case cannot be settled with the insurance company, these attorneys try to refer the case out to be tried by someone else. It is important that you ask the questions listed above and understand your attorney's approach to your case before you make the decision to hire them. We decline many cases each year in order to devote our time and efforts to a select few good cases. By accepting only a few carefully chosen cases, we are able to give these cases our personal attention. If we do not accept your case, we will be glad to provide you information and refer you to another attorney who may be able to help you.
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Austin Eminent Domain Attorney David Todd helps landowners get maximum compensation throughout Texas.