Industrial workers are in a great deal of danger today, not because their work has changed or because the economy has made industrial work harder. As companies pour less and less money into renovating and maintaining their own equipment, workers are going to work on sites that are increasingly dangerous for them. Victims of industrial injuries can face a lifetime of medical costs and financial uncertainty.

Industrial accidents can result from:

  • Machinery or equipment malfunction
  • Operating errors
  • Failure to take safety measures
  • Failure to be OSHA compliant
  • Failure to abide by building and fire codes

These accidents can result in severe injury including brain and spine trauma, burns, loss of limb, electric shock, lacerations and broken bones. These injuries can require long term rehabilitation and result in high medical bills.

Our experts are equipped to handle and analyze these cases and are knowledgeable in OSHA regulations and laws governing workplace safety. Even if there is workers’ compensation we may be able to identify a defective product or a liable third-party.  We can then make a claim against the responsible party to obtain justice. We would be happy discuss your case and provide further information.

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