Medical Malpractice

Despite the best intentions of doctors patients are injured by negligent physicians or hospitals, or by defective medical devices. Medical providers must meet a standard of care. If a failure to meet the standard of care results in an injury or the death of a patient, the law allows for recovery.

Defective Drugs

Manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs have a duty to make them safe for intended use. Unfortunately, there are times in which these drugs are unsafe for use and the manufacturer conceals this information from the public. Such drugs that have been deemed unsafe with links to harmful side effects include but are not limited to Talcum Powder, Testosterone, and Xarelto.

Medical Devices

Medical devices are used to save lives and are often used during surgery. Sometimes, however, they are not safe. And sometimes the manufacturer knows the dangers and, to avoid liability and maximize profits, does not disclose these dangers to the public. Patients at times rely on these devices to save their lives. If you suspect negligence of a medical device manufacturer contact us at 512-472-7799 for further information and a free case evaluation. 

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