Child Injuries

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Let Austin, Texas child injury attorney David Todd show you how to protect your rights after an accident and get his free guide.

If your child has been injured or abused, you know it is one of the worst experiences a parent can endure. You may be unsure where to turn or what to do. You wonder if you need a lawyer. You want information and guidance on what you can do to help your child. If so, you have come to the right place.

We represent families in all types of child injury and child abuse cases. We thrive on protecting children and helping parents understand their options and how to get the best result for their child. We help enforce your child's legal right to compensation to pay for past treatment as well as the future medical care and rehabilitation they need so they can return to a normal life. We also work to prevent the same thing from happening to other children. We handle all types of serious injury and wrongful death cases including car wrecks, truck accidents, dangerous products, dog attacks, daycare and foster care negligence and abuse. So, take a breath, relax and contact us to discuss your case and how we can help.

Todd Law Firm: Making a Difference, One Family at a Time.

We donate a portion of every child injury recovery to charities focused on protecting children from harm and healing injured kids. We are proud supporters of Dell Children's Medical CenterThe Center for Child Protection, and Hope4Minds.