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When you have been involved in a truck accident in Austin or elsewhere in Texas, quickly choosing the best attorney for your case can be the key to getting the compensation you deserve. An experienced truck wreck lawyer can help you avoid common mistakes and protect your claim. Contact Austin truck accident lawyer David Todd to review your situation and discuss your options. Learn the difference the right lawyer can make in your case. As an attorney helping victims of negligent drivers of commercial motor vehicles such as 18 wheeler trucks (also known as semi-trucks, tractor-trailers or "big rigs"), delivery trucks, garbage trucks and other commercial vehicles in Austin and throughout Texas since 1989, David Todd has seen the tricks used by insurance companies to avoid responsibility for the negligence of trucking companies and their drivers. 

Pursuing compensation against an unsafe truck driver or trucking company allows you to receive the medical treatment and rehabilitation that let you return to a normal life. You may also be able to pursue damages for the suffering you had to endure from the crash, or for the loss of a loved one. And, you can help insure that the same thing does not happen to someone else in the future.

David Todd and the Todd Law Firm are dedicated to pursuing justice for the victims of commercial truck wrecks in Austin and across Texas. Review our free guide How to Choose a Texas Truck Accident Lawyer and read the client testimonials on our website. Learn how we can help recover damages for your injuries. Learn how to avoid common mistakes that can compromise your case. Let us protect your rights and help put you on the road to recovery.
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* We donate a portion of the attorney fee on child injury cases to Dell children's Medical Center